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3 Best Data Recovery Software for 2020

There wouldn’t be anything as unpleasant as losing some of the most important files on your computer. Personal digital disasters could be of different degrees, but this is a predicament that could haunt you for a long time, be it for the work-related documents or your most-loved collection of movies. One of the easiest mistakes people make on their devices is the deletion of such files and folders. We may have been through quite some struggle to recover the multiple files from the dark space these go to from the trash. Fortunately, technology has grown to a level where nothing is considered impossible. As long as you have enough skills to handle the various tasks and complete the basic transfers on your computer, the recovery software will help you build a stronger data pile containing all the confidential and personal information. Here is a list of the best data recovery software to get for your Windows device.

1.      Disk Drill Data Recovery

This is one of the most reliable data recovery software that helps you get all the data back in a few clicks. Disk Drill has been designed exclusively for use on Windows, and it is user-friendly to the extent where doubts regarding the working of the software can be cleared right away. Up to 500 MB of data can be recovered using this upgraded application, and preview options are also available. You can get started with the trial version rich in sophisticated features and algorithms that perform multiple scans. The Quick Scan and Deep Scan will do their part to find the location of the deleted file. The latter will reconstruct lost files through various stages, but the advanced feature is available only in the paid version. While the pros dominate the cons, the lack of phone technical support could be quite disconcerting.

2.      Prosoft Data Rescue 6

Prosoft Engineering is a company with a fantastic track record of offering online solutions for more than two decades. Data Rescue 6 is yet another addition to their portfolio of achievements. The users are being offered some of the best features any data recovery software can provide. A secondary storage device is required for saving the recovered files to ensure that none of it is overwritten. The streamlined process takes only a few minutes and easy steps but sticks to a strict professional user interface. Though this might seem intimidating in the first sessions, you will get used to the highly sophisticated structure. Data Rescue 6 is offering you an improved speed of transfer, but free data recovery is not available with a trial version.

3.      Recuva

You can recover different types of files using Recuva, a lightweight freeware data storage and recovery solution that works to access the farthest corners of your Windows device. Unlike many other freeware programs, Recuva has a user-friendly interface. Deep scanning features are offered to search for the faintest traces of the deleted files. However, recovery performance is relatively poor.

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